Friday, October 29, 2010

My New Blog

Hi. My name is Brooklynn. I like dancing. I like gymnastics because that's where you flip and do stuff. I like jumping jacks. I like my music class at school. I like gym class, I like school. I like my baby dolls.


  1. Hi Brooklyn! You're a great writer!! You must have a pretty awesome grandma to help you set up such a cool blog!!

  2. Hi sweet girl!
    I love your blog! You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady!
    I love you past heaven and back!

  3. Hi Brooklynn... I have a daughter named Delaney who is almost four years old. She looked at the screen with me just now and said: "Who's that girl? I like her dress."

    I think you'll have tons of fun putting your thoughts here. What an exciting thing to do!

  4. Hi Miss Brooklynn!! I was so excited to see your blog! We will have to share it with our Room 121 friends this week and you can tell them how it works! You just might have to be our blog expert! I know how much you LOVE to I can't wait to see all the cool things you post! VERY fun!